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Proposal on the procedure for the sale of goods remotely in the online store (in accordance with the rules of remote sale of goods)


1-Terms and definitions


1.1 online store — Website) - the seller's trading platform located on the Internet at the Following address, which is carried out the sale of goods remotely.


1.2 Order-a duly executed request of the Buyer to the Seller to conclude a contract for the retail sale of Goods.

1.3 Seller- Sole Trader Mamedova Ulviya Ali-Qizi

OGRN 317774600075801

Legal address: 121248, Moscow, Kutuzovsky avenue, house 17, room 20

Actual / Postal address: 125009, Moscow, BOLSHAYA NIKITSKAYA street 22/2

1.4 Buyer (Client) - a Website visitor who placed an Order in the online store;

1.5 Goods-goods presented for sale on the Website.

1.6 delivery Service — a third party providing services for the delivery of orders to customers under the contract with the Seller.

1.7 Action-the action directed on increase in sales volumes, drawing attention of consumers to production carried out according to the rules placed on the Website and limited on terms of carrying out.


2.1 This offer, as well as information about the product presented on the website, is a public offer in accordance with article 435 and part 2 of article 437 of the civil code.

2.2 the provisions of the civil code of the Russian Federation on retail sale (§2 Chapter 30), as well as the law of the Russian Federation of 07.02.1992 N 2300-1 "on protection of consumer rights" and the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 27.09.2007 N 612 "on approval Of the rules for the sale of goods by remote means" and other legal acts adopted in accordance with them apply to the relations between the buyer (client) and the seller.


2.3 the Seller sells Goods through the online store to any Buyer who has placed an Order on the terms of this offer.

2.4 This offer is considered to be accepted by the Buyer from the moment of registration of the first Order on the Site (using the registration on the Site as a regular buyer of the Seller or without such registration, including when Ordering through the operator).

2.5 the contract of retail purchase and sale is considered concluded from the moment of issue by the Seller to the Buyer of the cash or commodity check or other document confirming payment of goods.

3.Registration on the website and ordering

3.1 the Order can be made by the Client through the operator by phone or independently through the Order form on the Website.

3.2 Registration on the Site is not mandatory for Ordering. The buyer can voluntarily go through the registration procedure on the Website to access additional options of the personal account (history and tracking of orders, obtaining information about the Seller's Shares, etc.).

3.3 when registering on the site, the client provides mandatory information about himself: name, email address and password to access the Site, other information is provided at the discretion of the Buyer.

3.4 the Seller is not responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the information provided by the client when registering on the Website and/or Ordering.

3.5 the Client undertakes not to disclose to third parties the login and password specified during registration on the Website. In case the customer suspects the security of his / her login and password or the possibility of their unauthorized use by third parties, the customer shall immediately notify the Seller.

3.6 After placing the order, the customer is provided with information about the expected date of transfer of the order to the delivery service. The specified date depends on the availability of the ordered goods at the Seller's warehouse and the time required to process the order and the delivery service rules. The expected date of transfer of the Order to the delivery Service is reported to the Buyer by e-mail or when calling the Buyer. In case of disagreement with the planned date of delivery, the Buyer must notify the Seller of the cancellation of the Order.


3.7 If the Goods ordered by the Buyer are not available from the Seller, the Order in respect of this Product shall be canceled, and the Buyer shall be notified by means of an information message to the e-mail address specified during registration, or to the phone number of the Client or by calling the operator.



4.1 Methods of delivery of goods are specified on the Website in the relevant section. The obligation of the Seller to transfer the goods to the Buyer shall be deemed fulfilled at the time of delivery of the Goods to the Recipient or at a pre-agreed point of pickup.

4.2 delivery of Goods at the location of the Buyer is carried out by the delivery service designated by the Seller at the address specified by the Buyer. When accepting an Order from the delivery service, the Buyer is obliged to inspect the delivered Goods and check it for compliance with the declared quantity, range and completeness of the Goods, as well as check the service life of the delivered Goods and the integrity of the packaging. In the absence of claims to the delivered Goods, the Recipient signs the delivery receipt or other similar document provided by the delivery service and pays for the Order (in the absence of prepayment). The signature on the delivery documents indicates that the consignee has not claimed the Goods and that the Seller has fully and properly fulfilled its obligation to deliver the Goods.

4.3 the Order is handed over to the buyer or to the recipient appointed by Him or to the person who provided the document confirming the Order and paid for the Goods (in the absence of advance payment). In order to avoid fraud, the recipient may be required to present an identity document upon delivery of a prepaid Order. In the absence of this document or the discrepancy of the information specified in it with the details of the order or the data of the Buyer, the transfer of this Product may be refused.

4.4 Non-receipt of The order by the Customer within the period of booking provided for the relevant self-delivery point is considered to be his refusal of the Order and is the basis for cancellation of the order by the Seller and return of funds to the Customer (in the presence of prepayment).

5.Payment for goods


5.1 the price of Goods is indicated on the Website in Russian rubles and euros

5.2 the price of the Goods and the final amount of the Order, taking into account all applicable discounts, is indicated at the stage of Ordering and is valid at the time of clicking the "Confirm order"button. The price of the Goods ordered by the Customer (except pre-ordered Goods) is not subject to change.


5.3 the payment method chosen by the Buyer when placing the Order from the options offered by the Seller on the Website is applied to the Order.

5.4 in case of prepayment of Goods, the Order is accepted for processing only after the funds are credited to The seller's account. In this case, the Goods are not reserved, and the Seller does not guarantee the availability of the goods at the time of receipt of payment. If the Goods can not be delivered within the time specified in The order and the Customer does not agree with the increase in the delivery time of the Order.


6. Return of goods and money

6.1. Return of Goods sold by the Seller is carried out in accordance with the following conditions of return.


6.2. Return of goods of proper quality

6.2.1. The buyer has the right to refuse the ordered Goods at any time before its receipt, and after receiving the Goods — 7 (seven) days (online store), not counting the day of purchase, except for the Goods made to order, on a creative task approved by the User, the Buyer. Return of goods of good quality is possible if its presentation, consumer properties are kept.

6.2.2. If the buyer refuses the Goods, the seller shall return the cost of the returned Goods to The Seller, except for the Seller's expenses related to the delivery of the returned goods by the User, the Buyer, within 10 days from the date of receipt of the returned Goods to the Seller's warehouse, together with the buyer's application for a refund.


6.2.3. If at the time Of the user's request, the Buyer has no similar goods on sale from the Seller, the Buyer has the right to refuse the execution of this Public offer and demand the return of the amount paid for the specified Goods. The seller is obliged to return the amount paid for the returned goods within 10 days from the date of return of the Goods.

6.3. Return of goods of inadequate quality:

6.3.1. Under the product of inadequate quality means a product that is defective and can not ensure the performance of its functional qualities, does not meet the requirements specified in the creative task (in the manufacture of goods to order). The resulting Product must match the description on the Website. The difference between design elements or design from the description stated on the Website is not a sign of improper quality.

6.3.2. The appearance and completeness of the Goods, as well as the completeness of the entire Order must be checked by the Recipient at the time of Delivery.

6.3.3. Upon delivery of The goods, the Buyer puts his signature on the delivery receipt in the box: "Order accepted, completeness, claims to the quantity and appearance of the goods do not have", or in another similar document issued by the Seller, in the box providing for the buyer to put a mark on the absence of his claims to completeness, quantity and quality of the Goods. After receiving the Order claims to external defects of the goods, its quantity, completeness and presentation are not accepted.